From concept to completion, Artisan Builders will guide your project through all phases of design, development, project management and production. Whether you desire a life-changing remodel, a masterfully-finished residential dream home or cutting-edge eco-sustainable commercial structure, our full-service team has the depth of skill and experience necessary to satisfy your needs. We offer a multitude of services in planning, design and construction, including:

1. Planning and Budget

Budgeting is essential in both in pre-planning and planning. It is invaluable to have an experienced contractor involved in the early stages to help you prioritize choices and clarify goals. We have years of experience in property development with all budgets and many styles and can consult with you to identify design options and the best management program for your particular project so your vision is completed successfully and efficiently.

2. Design

We can help you formulate your initial concept and take it all the way through working drawings. Our experience in both design and building is extremely valuable at the critical initial stage of design and planning. We are also happy to work as consultants along with your designer and architect.

3. Project Management

From conception to completion, we help guide your project through design-development into project management, production and completion. We can provide most services in-house, finishing your property with landscaping and specialty touches such as furniture and wall treatments.

4. Site Development

Land planning and site development are essential for a quality project. Knowing all of the infrastructure and logistical requirements, combined with your desire for aesthetics and lifestyle amenities, we can guide you through to completion of a welcoming and functional home and property experience.

5. New Homes

From dirt to doorknobs, we facilitate a successful custom project from planning through completion. Artisan Builders has a tradition of expert planning and site placement of a home, combined with refined architectural detailing.

6. Cottages and Guest Homes

Outbuildings, cottages and guest houses can be a great investment in your property and provide a wonderful lifestyle amenity.

7. Remodels

We are experts in beautifying old homes. We can take what you have and transform it from the ordinary to something special. From bath or kitchen remodels, to major whole-house transformations, we would be happy to help you with your project.

8. Landscaping, Decks, Patios, Fences

We have been building decks and designing landscapes for three decades in a number of styles, qualities and budgets. Interesting design adds beauty and value to your outdoor environment.

9. Owner-Builder Services

We are happy to provide wisdom, consultant and/or management services to the owner-builder. We take pleasure in empowering people to get involved in their construction project.