Skyline Blvd, Woodside


The Dawes Residence. Woodside, CASkyline Blvd stone arch

The Dawes residence is a 5000-square-foot French Provincial villa designed after dawes_2-150x150a 300-year-old country French villa from Provence by owner Paul Dawes and architect Bob Jenks with consultation by Artisan Builders.

The Dawes residence is constructed with Rastra Block (14-inch-thick styrofoam and concrete blocks) which result in a super-insulated, steel-reinforced concrete home. Interior and exterior walls are either stone or old-world plaster. The home features multiple levels, panoramic views, great room, media room, indoor pool and gym, master suite, and recycled redwood doors built by Artisan Builders.

More images of the Dawes residence:

Skyline Blvd overview   Skyline Blvd front entry