Home is where the heart is. Making a shelter to protect and enliven is a basic human drive. Whether building or remodeling, each of us has an ideal, a dream of the space in which we want to live. At Artisan Builders, we take great joy in helping our clients define and realize that dream. We provide the highest level of service so that clients can relax and enjoy the process of creating their space. At Artisan Builders, we believe the key to a successful project is clear ongoing communication between the client/owner, architect/designer, contractor and subcontractors. We allocate adequate planning time and commit to aggressively managing costs and reducing financial risk.
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The Art and Science of Home

Artisan Builders is known for its holistic, pragmatic approach that combines beautiful living spaces with energy efficiency, resource conservation and healthy indoor air.
We bring you multiple options to incorporate passive and active solar designs, alternative building systems, and fine craftsmanship using locally-sourced and recycled materials.


What others are saying

Artisan Builders went the extra mile and helped us develop and realize our ideas. It has been a satisfying experience.

Claire Werner, Owner, New Home, Sebastopol

Thanks for putting together such an awesome team. I really enjoyed talking to everyone [architects, builders, subcontractors] today, and it seems like they are all very enthusiastic about the project. We appreciate all of your hard work, experience, and insight.

Chuck Shuey, Owner, New Home, Sebastopol

We are very happy with our new home’s remodel. Chuck at Artisan Builders was helpful with design ideas and delivered the construction on time and in budget.

Ellen McAleavy, Owner, Major Remodel, Healdsburg